General information

Ibiza is a city with a population of 80 000 people which is located in the south of the Mallorca island. The island isn’t far from the peninsula and It is also close to the African coasts. The island and the city have been invaded by many peoples like the Phoenician, Romans, Greeks and Arabs.
Of course, in 1343 the islands have been added to the territory of the crown of Aragon.
In order to protect the islands from the Turqu invasion, many monuments were built like the archipelago of la Torre de Carregador for instance. The churches also were habilitated with some mechanisms in there towers to survey and protect the islands and the villages. Churches like Santa Eulalia served for many years for in this purpose.
Bur during many years, these islands haven’t had any importance economically speaking until the second part of the XX century when tourism began to develop here.
When we speak about tourism in Ibiza, we make a reference to two kinds of visitors: those who come looking for sun and beaches and those who search music. Many times those two activities are linked but many lovers of electronic music come for this or to assist to representations of great artists and famous DJ.
Thus, Ibiza is considered by a lot of people as the sanctuary of discotheques and night life. The Pasha, Amnesia, the Privilege or the Space are some of these discotheques which are frequented by tourists. Bars and restaurants are also numerous here and eating tapas is an activity that cannot be avoided, especially at the beginning of the night in the city.
Undoubtedly, the best period in the city is summer because discotheque lose part of there fame since September given that many persons come back to work or study.
Though, Ibiza keeps attractive because of the beaches and the peaceful mornings which contrast with the dynamic and active nights.  Bays are characterized here by there crystalline water. Here you can enjoy sun and nice temperatures all year log and when the sea isn’t attractive, you have all the beautiful landscapes to observe. Colours are numerous here in this island where everything is made of contrast and variety.
To arrive in Ibiza, the best thing to do is to take a ship with well known companies like transmediterranea or euro mer.
There are many hotels for all types of budgets in the island, and for those who prefer to be disconnected from day to day life, camping is well known here. The most famous ones are located in the north of Santa Eulalia, in Es Canar.
Thus, Ibiza is an international city unequalled which attracts many music and party addicts but it is also ideal for those who want to get a tan, relax and have fun.



Monuments and museums in Ibiza

Among the monuments that can not be missed are:

  • Paintings by Ses Fontanelles
  • Baluard de Sant Jaume
  • Baluard de Sant Pere
  • Chapel of Saint Agnès
  • Assentament fenici de sa Caleta
  • Cathedral
  • Monestir de Sant Cristòfol
  • Punic Sanctuary des Culleram

The Renaissance walls of Dalt Vila in Eivissa is possibly the most important monument of Ibiza, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999.

Ibiza is always an attractive place for its beaches and for the tranquility of its mornings that contrasts with the dynamic night. The bays and coves of crystal clear water. Here you can enjoy the sun and very pleasant temperatures throughout the year and when the beach does not feel like, there are all the magnificent landscapes of the island like the palm trees and all the Mediterranean green trees that abound here. The colors are not lacking on the island where everything is contrast and variety.

So, Ibiza is an unparalleled world-wide city that attracts many music and partygoers but also perfectly adapts to the tastes of those looking to relax, unwind and have fun.