Do It in Spain uses cookies and other similar technologies, like pixels or local memory, to offer you a better navigation experience, more quickly and securely. Below, we show you how Do It in Spain makes use of these technologies.
What are cookies, pixels, and local memory?

Cookies are files that web pages insert into your computer when you navigate on internet. Like other web pages, Do It in Spain uses cookies to find out how people use our services and how to better them.

A pixel is a small amount of code in a web page or in an e-mail notification. Like other services, we use pixels to see if you have interacted with a given content of the web or email. This helps us to measure and improve our services and customize the experience on Do It in Spain.

The local memory is a standard technology that allows web page or application to store information locally on your computer or mobile device. We use local memory to customize what we show you, as per your interactions with Do It in Spain.


Which cookies does Do It in Spain use?


Session cookies: are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of the browser until you leave the web page, so no cookie remains on the user’s device. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyze the traffic patterns in the web.

Permanent cookies: are stored in the hard disk of the device and are read each time you make a new visit to the web. Permanent cookies have an expiration date set and they disconnect from that date. They are mainly used to facilitate purchases and registrations.

Performance cookies: remember user’s preferences for tools that are in web services, so you don’t have to configure them every time you visit the page. They include the volume configuration of video and sound; the speed of the video transmission for compatibility with navigate used; the products chosen in the shopping area.

Geolocation cookies: check in what country you are in when you request a service. They are anonymous cookies that only serve to orient the content based on location.

Entry cookies: they generate when a user is registered or has opened a session.

Analysis and research cookies: to help us to improve and understand how people use our services. In this case we use Google Analytics to know, anonymously, the number of users who visit our page. We also remind you that the data acquired through this service will be used by Google, according to its terms of use.


What are my privacy options?

There are various options to control or limit the use of cookies in the search engine used:

In Chrome:

Go to: Settings – Privacy – Content Settings – Cookie – Block cookies and site data.


Important: Do It in Spain is not responsible for contents of sponsored ads on the website. If you buy products advertised on our website, and these are faulty or do not match with the original, contact the owner of the ads.


Updates and changes in cookies policy: Do It in Spain can change this Cookies Policy according to legislative and regulatory requirements, or new instructions of Data protection Authority. For this reason, we recommend you periodically visit this informative page. If you have doubt, comments or suggestions, you can contact with Do It in Spain via contact form.