Segovia is another indispensable city to visit; it is a beautiful and romantic Castilian city, declared Patrimony of the Humanity in 1985. The city historical quarter is surrounded by bells, towers and walls. Its structure is medieval with narrow streets where remains of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures stand. On the foundations of the small historical quarter, long ago surrounded by orchards and today by well-cared strolls and gardens, the Segovia that today we know was raised. Its Roman aqueduct is one of jewels of the Spanish historical architecture. It is one of most magnificent works than the Romans left behind distributed in their vast empire. It was constructed to take water to Segovia the water from the nearby Mountain range, being the symbol of the city. On the other hand, its extraordinary Palace is one more of the more beautiful castles in Europe and its gothic Cathedral stands out by its streamlined and proportionate figure.