General information

Pontevedra, meaning ‘old bridge’, is the capital of its province located to the south west of Galicia. About two thirds of the regions population live in the city itself, and it has a population of around 80,000. Pontevedra is located in a bay and has a river running through it, separating the old town in the south, from the new town to the north. It is beautifully surrounded by mountainous landscapes, and like the rest of Galicia, has pleasant temperatures, although a somewhat rainy climate. The most important income for the city is the maritime trading, and the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’ ship was built here.


It is thought that Pontevedra was originally in another place, but there are many myths surrounding the early history of the city. One of them is to do with the meaning of the city’s name, Pontevedra, which translates as ‘old bridge’.