General information

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a paradisiacal city and it is rich culturally speaking. In addition to the beaches and the sands that you can enjoy all year long, there are also all the cultural jewels.
The visit of the city should begin in the barrio de Vegueta. Around the Plaza Santa Ana there are many historical monuments of the city: the city hall, the Palacio Episcopal, the Casa del Regente de la Audiencia and of course the cathedral.  The built of the famous and beautiful cathedral was begun in 1500 but it was stopped in 1570 because of a lack of financial funds.

The religious building is characterized by the variety of the styles that are combined like the gothic inside and the neoclassical outside.
Many art elements are to be found inside that monument like for instance the Cristo of Lujan Perez. Behind the Cathedral there is the Casa-Museo de Colon, where Christopher Columbus is said to have lived during his journey in the city. Nowadays we can find many art works there that are related to the discoverer, the history of the city and the one of America.
Close to there we can also find the Atlantic Centre of Modern Arts which is a neoclassical monument even if undoubtedly the most important neoclassical elements of the city are the square and the fountain that are close to it.

Monuments of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

A historical monument of the city which gives the visitor an idea about the history of the island and about the era of the aborigines is the Museo Canario ( Canarian Museum).

In the city centre there are the Jardines de Doramas. It is a place where you can enjoy the terrazas and bars and restaurants and casinos which are to be found there and which are open all day long.

On the other side of the city, contrary to where Vegueta is, there is the Isleta’s isthmus whre you can see the Puerto de la Luz and its beaches and its sands. Near that place you can find other leisure places like Katalina Park where you can also find terrazas and the Avenida Mesa y Lopez which is a commercial centre.