General information

Albacete, located south east of Madrid and Toledo is the largest city in Castile La Mancha. It is easily accessible from many Spanish towns with good rail links into Madrid. Albacete stems from the Arab word ‘Al-Basit’ meaning ‘the plain’ due to its geographical surroundings. It has one of the two main campuses of the University of Castile La Mancha along with Ciudad Real. It is strangely famous for its production of good quality knives and daggers and its industrial area is growing and is said to be one of the biggest in Spain. The land around attracts visitors from all over especially during the hunting and fishing seasons.



The interesting cultural monuments one has to visit are the San Juan Bautista Cathedral (it took 400 years to build it so that you can see in it various artistic influences such as Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque with a modern facade …). There is also the Albacete museum which houses an impressive collection of archeology, fine arts and ethnology. The Posada del Rosario, which is now the tourist trade is another example of the mixture of styles. The Monastery of the Incarnation of the sixteenth century is another example of impressive religious architecture. The roof of this monument is made of copper and has two independent cloisters. Today it is a cultural center.