General information

Tenerife is the biggest of the Canarian islands. This island is important because its beauty was described by many authors, since the Ancient Greeks who situated there Hesperidia.

This island is a treasure of the Earth, and it is also the most populated island of Spain.

This island has an infinity of charms of all types. The main Canarian cities are to be found here like Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the community together with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The other most important city in Tenerife is La Laguna.. This city is famous because of its academic value among the archipelago since we can find there the most important Canarian University.

Then there are many cities which are mostly known by the tourists like Arona, Adeje or Puerto de la Cruz.

The island has 43 natural spaces, like the Teide which is in the Teide National Park and which is the highest point of Spain.

The diversity of landscapes in this island is impressive: you can find there volcanic landscapes inherited from the past but also beaches, mountains and forests.

In this island the weather is always nice, with spring temperatures all year long. Both in summer and in winter, the cold doesn’t reach the island and the heat isn’t unbearable.

Thus, this island gives the resident and the tourist the opportunity to enjoy the sea and the sun all year long. The tourist can relax peacefully in the beaches and enjoy the sea and all the activities which are associated to it. Activities like surf or diving are well known here and the place is ideal to practice them. The deepest landscapes in the sea are very attractive for those who like diving.

It is also possible to rent crafts and to participate in excursions to visit all the islands and the beautiful landscapes of the archipelago. The nearby island of la Gomera is also a place that you should visit, given that it has been declared world heritage by the UNESCO and because it is a beautiful place with a nice environment. For those who prefer to practice sports out of the sea, there are many golf camps…which will make your happiness!

While walking in Tenerife you will get in contact with a nice population, naturally kind and warm and you will enjoy a typical architecture and the numerous celebrations which take place in the island all year long. Among this festivals the most important of course are the Romerias like San Roque’s ones or San Isidro’s ones.


Monuments of Tenerife

Last but not least, young people and in general those who like parties and going out, will find many things to do in Tenerife. You can go to the opera or the concerts of famous stars and you can also enjoy one of the various aqua parks of the island. The night is also a scenario of parties in Tenerife, especially the carnival ones. The carnival is a period where all the creative, nice, dynamic of Tenerife reveals with funny manifestations in the streets.