General information

Formentera is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is a part of what we call the Balearic Islands.
This island is situated a few kilometres far from the famous Ibiza.
It is said that the name of this island comes from the Latin Frumentarium and it means granary.

Many peoples since the Romans until the Barbarians or the Arabs have invaded successively this island.
Tourism in Formentera is nowadays developing thanks to the new means of transport from the peninsula. Many say that Formentera is Ibiza 20 years ago. This island is famous because of its crystalline beaches and mainly because it is possible to get a tan here naked in most of the beaches. Formentera has a population of more or less 8000 inhabitants.
The Catalan and the castellan are official languages here though in summer you can hear many languages like English or German in the streets and mainly in the beaches given the number of visitors.

In addition to all this, there is no doubt that those who love windsurfing already know this island given that in 2007 the worldwide windsurfing championship has been organized here.
Thus, Formentera offers beach and nice temperatures all year long, in summer but also in winter.
There are also Chiringuitos, bars and restaurants in Formentera and it is a pleasure for the visitor to spend time in these places where the most interesting of the Spanish culture expresses.


Monuments of Formentera

For those who want to do a cultural tour of the island, there is the Ethnographic museum of Formentera which is a good illustration of the way of life in the island. There is also the Riada which is very beautiful space and also the Coves d’en Geroni which are caves near Sant Ferran. The best thing to do is to go during the fiestas. Here, the fiestas of Santa Maria are a very funny event where the ambient of the island is best represented.